Art Of Expression

It was a blast to shoot behind the scenes on the set of the latest Art of Expression film, “Moves” created by Miles Forster and Mitch Bax. This 4th episode of the series is based around a local Urban Dance artist, Stewart Iguidez. The set was awesome, a dark, moody space incorporating fire , smoke, rain and some fly dance moves.

I think everyones favourite part was making it rain…inside!

These videos were created to expose and inform us about the assorted local artists here in Vancouver. We are a very diverse city, and thus have many people creating and expressing themselves in different forms. The first three videos in the series focused on a t-shirt designer, a graffiti artist and a hula hooper.  Check out all of the videos on the Art of Expression Vimeo Page here and follow the Art of Expression Facebook page to see some more of my stills from the day and keep up with current news and new videos. 

A shout out to the hard working boys on the “Moves” set: Miles ForsterMitch BaxJason Toth and Filip Smola; a special thanks to for use of the Freestyle Rig, and of course Stu, not only for being a talented dancer on set, but for bringing along his positive, relaxed vibe (even after countless takes in the cold rain) and his lovely dalmatian Dallas!

I’m really looking forward to the next two videos to complete the series! Stay tuned!

x Ashley