Helijet Adventure

I met Chris, a talented videographer @ Amber Pacific Studios, a few years back and he has since become a good friend of mine – We share a passion for travel and capturing the world, so when Chris got the opportunity to shoot some promo video for Helijet, he came to me asking if I would like to shoot the stills… well questioning that wasn’t even necessary, of course I would!
After a few failed attempts due to weather and other malfunctions, we were finally good to go on a gorgeous sunny early-summer morning here in Vancouver. There was a fair amount of haze going on as our Captain, Erin, flew us up above the city and through the mountains, but we still managed to get some great footage! It’s amazing how small the city looks when you see it from above; I must say however, it is one beautiful place we live in. Not many cities are so fortunate to be surrounded by ocean, beaches and a 5min heli-ride from some seriously stunning mountain range.

Erin took us up over Grouse Mountain and down around Howe Sound. She even flew us right through the Twin Peaks! It was spectacular seeing all the valleys, frozen lakes, snow-capped tips and intriguing man-made structures from up in the sky.

Hanging out with Chris and his buddy Miles (another talented videographer) at the helipad was a ton of fun, especially as we filmed a 300fps sequence of the three of us walking towards the camera from the helicopters (think slo-mo scene from an action movie: someone walks away from a scene all epic-like, meanwhile an explosion happens behind them). Lots of laughs. All in all it was a great day!

View the video Chris made from the day here! And his full blog post on the Amber Pacific Studios website here.

x Ashley